Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Challenges for April - no Foolin'

Hi Everyone!
I am excited to share with you April's
Express Yourself Workshop hosted by Lisa
and the 
Music Inspires Creativity Challenge hosted by me
Both challenges are taking place in our Facebook Community Group.

April Express Yourself – Art Journaling Prompts

This is a self -paced workshop designed to motivate you to start exploring mixed media and art journaling

You can use a mixed media book, art journal book or watercolor paper. Those types of books and papers hold media well.

1. This month we are all about the prompt. Your prompt is to write a letter to your younger self. You should go back at least 10 years in time and address yourself. You do not have to write it in letter format. You can use short sentences that don’t flow, a few words in short bursts or one long run on sentence. If you were face to face with your former self what would you tell her?
2. You must use two pages – left and right in your book or two watercolor sheets side by side.
3. Use clear gesso on both sheets and use the left side for your art and the right side for your writing.
4. Your left side should consist of a head or full body. You can do a headless body (lol) but what ever you do it has to be a human figure or face and it has to contain something symbolic of your message. For example no eyes, taped mouth, angel wings etc to convey whatever emotion addressing yourself earlier in life brings up for you.
5. Your face or figure can either be drawn, cut out from magazines or use art doll from a digital site. Mix it up – be creative- you can mix eyes, heads, etc from different images you cut out or draw. I want to see QUIRKY!!!
6. Clear gesso your background then select one color. You will need to stick with a lighter color to keep things from getting lost. Use an acrylic color and brayer it on. Go over it with white gesso also brayer it on. Keep doing this on both sides until you are happy with it.
7. Doodle around your page edges in small geometric shapes.
8. On the right side where you do your writing choose a shape to write in. You can just draw a square, triangle, circle or write in small shapes or draw diagonal lines and write on them.
9. Be sure to share it with us and talk about your inspiration. HAVE FUN!

Now for the Music Challenge

I LOVE album covers - they are their own works of art that can inspire! One of the coolest is by one of the greatest bands ever - The Beatles

This is their Abbey Road cover

according to
Quite simply, an utterly iconic image, with the Fab Four themselves at their coolest: John resplendent in a white suit, Paul barefoot. Perfectly in harmony, and utterly British. The crossing itself was given Grade II listed status in 2010 - there aren't many traffic artefacts that can boast that.

I want you to use this album cover as inspiration to create a paper layout using any products and materials.

the rules:
*you have until April 30st to upload your layout into the appropriate folder.
*can not be used with Lisa's mixed media challenge
*when you upload your project please let us know what part of the image inspired you
*I will do a random draw for the winner of a wonderful prize - Lindy's Stamp Gang Tres Chic Flat Magicals set:


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