Monday, March 2, 2015

Lisa's March Express Yourself Workshop!

Every month Lisa hosts a workshop in our Facebook Community Group, to help get your creativity flowing and
aide you in creating your art!

This month the prompts are fabulous....

This is a self paced workshop designed to help motivate you to start exploring mixed media and art journaling.
You can use a mixed media book, art journal book or watercolor paper. Those types of papers hold media well.

1. Gesso your page. You pick - clear, white or black.
2. Use complementary colors for your color scheme. Intro to the color wheel and theory here:…/basic-color-theory
3. Draw, stamp, cut out from a magazine etc an eye. Use it as a jumping off point for your page.
4. Use sprays, mists or inks on your page. Spray them with water and let them drip. I want a miniumum of 5 drips on your page.
5. Journal around the outside edges of your page. Right around the whole page or two pages. You can repeat what you say if it is short and sweet.
6. Use the color black.
7. Use this quote and photo for your inspiration and let me know how relate your page to it.
8. HAVE F.U.N.
9.  Be sure to share what you create with us in the workshop album on Facebook!

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