Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A fun new music challenge

Good morning and welcome to the very first Scraps Of Darkness/Elegance Music Inspires Creativity challenge. Music is everywhere around us....we listen to our favorite bands, the themes of our shows, the background of the movie we are watching, commercials and nature - the wind in the willows, the birds singing, music is everywhere. In my house it is a big thing. There is always music on somewhere in the house. Our oldest plays the guitar but both boys are eclectic in their music preferences and it is always on. They will be listening to Metallica, then Johhny Cash then Maroon 5. It is pretty cool. So, when I was thinking about challenges I could do, music seemed a natural choice. So for your first challenge I want you to create a paper layout using any products and materials that represent YOUR ANTHEM....

according to
A rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause:
ie - the song became the anthem for hippie activists

So I want you to figure out what your anthem is...a song that you identify with, a song that helps define you, a song that when you listen to it either makes you say 'hey thats me' or 'I want that to be me' and create your layout using that song as inspiration.
the rules:
*you have until March 31st to upload your layout into the appropriate folder.
*can not be used with Lisa's mixed media challenge
*when you upload your project please let us know which song and why it is your anthem
*I will do a random draw for the winner of a wonderful prize donated by Melinda
*have fun!

Please visit our Facebook community group, and upload your entry into the  Music Inspires Creativity March Challenge Album for a chance to win!

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