Monday, June 23, 2014

A {New} Designer at SOD!

Michelle's Come Home!!!

Michelle has had many adventures in the last year or so.

Caught up in a tornado, whisked away far from home...

She did meet a few friends along the way, a tin man with no heart, a scarecrow with no brains,


and a cowardly lion...

She faced many frightening things on her travels down the yellow brick road.

It was a long and difficult journey, but Michelle faithfully wore her Ruby Slippers through it all.

And now she is finally back in... Kansas???  NO, not Kansas!  Michelle is here at home at Scraps of Darkness, and we are overjoyed that she is home where we adore and have missed her...


  1. OMG, thanks so much Melly Moo! you so funny girl!...I missed my Dark sisters! glad to be here, and thank you for your support ladies, its made my troubles so much easier! having you all there for me all the way thru!

  2. Welcome Back my Bubba!!! You know NOBODY loves you like we do... :)


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