Thursday, October 17, 2013

Reane's beautiful "Rue De Rosiers" creations!

Its REVEAL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Today  I thought I would showcase Renea's stunning creations!
Check out this first one!

This is a beautiful tribute layout to her granny, who in the photo is with three of her boys. she was blessed with a large family of  7 children, 15 Grandchildren, and 33 Great Grandchildren before she passed away. Renea's grandmother was a strong influence in her life and I believe this layout shows the love she had for her. The title of this layout is "She Was Love", because for everyone who knew her, that's exactly what she was.  Renea also wrote a beautiful poem (that you can see on her blog) that was read at her grandmothers funeral.

now for the brilliant details!

I love all the techniques she used! 
Fussy Cutting, seed beads, paper rolling, inking,  puff paint, stenciling with texture medium and painting back over the bricks to add color.

The dimension she achieved with the paper rolling.

And all the texture of the texture medium, painting and puff paint.

Check back tomorrow for more beautiful creations!


  1. Fantastic layout and a beautiful tribute. It is difficult for me to see on my computer but the paper rolls is it two of the same papers on top of each other and then you rolled the top paper? Is that what I am seeing?

  2. Hey Kathleen, it is actually two different papers, I fussy cut the door out of the paper and then aligned it to match the door on the bottom paper. I did it this way to be able to roll the paper and to match up the door design ;)


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