Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Getting to know Renea!

Hi everyone!
I thought today we would get to know Renea a little bit better!

what is your favorite color to scrap with
Terra Cotta

were you named after anyone 
Yes, my mom's nurse who took care of her while I was being born
do you have a pet? what kind? 
Yes, I have a Jack Russell Terrier named appropriately by my son when he was nine-Jumpin' Jack Flash (Jack for short)
would you/have you ever bungee jumped 
No, I am actually a dare devil, but bungee jumping is to unpredictable, and I have seen too many people get killed or seriously hurt doing it, so it is not something I will chance. Now, parasailing, driving a race car at 154 miles per hour, or repelling I will do :)
Show us your favorite SOE layout
It is a layout I created a while ago, and I named it "Fragile", because it captured a sweet moment in time between me and my son that was fleeting and so fragile. We don't realize at the time how quickly those precious moments will pass, until they are gone and all we are left with is the memory of it~time is a fragile thing  

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