Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Mixed Media Canvas by Amy!

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing a unique and fabulous canvas by the uber talented Amy using the 
Scraps Of Darkness kit 'Transitions'

What an awesome imagination Amy has!

She created this fantastic piece using a vintage photo, a 9×13 canvas, the newest Scraps of Darkness kit,  stuff from her stash and her wonderful imagination

The leaves look like her wings

all the fabulous details!

the feathers make up her dress!

and her awesome hat!

Amy used her wonderful imagination to weave a whole tale about the interesting lady in the vintage photo!
Her name is Agnus

Agnes Mary Stone had grown up in a small village in the newly established American Northwest. Her grandparents had arrived from Ireland two decades previous, after suffering religious and financial hardship. Agnes was a sullen girl….and married off with a healthy dowry to a man who cared very little for her, but was involved in the logging industry. She bore 5 children to him, and they lived in a small log home with a thatched roof, deep in the woods. Now that she was a matronly older woman, and their children had grown and left for the city, Agnes was alone very frequently.
One day Agnes was looking through a trunk of things that had belonged to her ancestors. Inside the truck was an old book, bound in leather and the pages were so old, they were falling apart. Agnes then discovered her family had been more than she ever understood.
Alone on the night of Samhain, Agnes decided to make an offering, using a spell within the book. With a fire lit in the yard, blazing hot….Agnes became something else. Something at one with the nature surrounding her. She became something mystical, magical, and powerful. Agnes…was someone no one had ever understood, someone no one had ever imagined was more than meets the eye. But now….Agnes was someone who would forever be remembered.
As the witch of Seneca forest.

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