Thursday, August 29, 2013


Gelatos are a cool product that a lot of memory crafters are using....but what are they?

According to Faber Castell - 
"Gelatos Colors are creamy sticks infused with brilliant color. The color glides easily 
onto paper and can then be dissolved with water to create watercolor effects 
or left to dry for vibrant bursts of color"

The effects that are created are amazing!  Want to see some proof?

Check out these creations by Nadia Cannizzo!

the backgrounds were created using the Gelato Design Colors in Tropical 
available at the SOD store!

 I LOVE the effect the gelatos have on cardboard!

This set includes our two new tools: The Dot Dabber and The Stipple Brush.  

Dot Dabber - The perfect little tool for making uniform polka dots (also a good blending tool!).

Stipple Brush
- Create cool splatter effects with this brush by loading it with wet Gelatos® and flick or tap it to get speckles.  Set colors include: Aqua Dolce, Squid Ink, Banana and Blood Orange

Check back tomorrow when I will show you more of Nadia's gorgeous creations!

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