Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Round Robin Layouts!

Today is reveal day for the first round in the Round Robin Challenge on our forum, and I thought I'd do a little sharing...

Team 1 is starting with Renea, who will be followed by Monica next week, and then me (gasp! yes, me!) the week after that.

Here's the beautiful layout Renea has started us with:

Team 2 is starting with Pat, who will be followed by Lee, and then Lisa.  

Here's the gorgeous layout Pat is starting her team out with:

Team 3 is starting off with Kim, who will be followed by Cathi, who will be followed by Maja.

This is the beauty Kim's starting her team off with:

If you haven't ever played in a Round Robin Challenge, you don't know what you're missing - they're so much fun!  We have one monthly that is open to anyone, whether they use one of our kits or not, and there are plenty of other scrappy sites that have them, too, so consider joining one somewhere, you won't be disappointed!

And if you're wondering how a Round Robin Challenge works, here's how ours goes:

1. There are several teams.
2. The first person on each team comes up with a layout. All on their own. What ever they want to do.
3. They post this layout on a specified day. So we now have several different layouts posted.
4. The person who is next in line on the team lifts the layout of the person before them.
Each week the next person on YOUR team is lifting the person before them. This continues until everyone has had their week. There are usually 4 weeks in a challenge.
5. After the 4th week we vote on our favorite. We do not vote for ourselves or the design team.

That's it!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you Create Something Beautiful Today (and join a Round Robin Challenge, lol)



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